• What is Uninama?

    Uninama is a resource platform built exclusively for students. This is where your life becomes awesome!

  • How do you verify a student?

    We verify a student’s education status by scanning their institute’s official id card or by sending a verification link on their institutional email id

  • Is Uninama a free service?

    Yes! Uninama is a free service for students, we’re here to make your life easier!

  • Why can’t I see my university?

    We’ve done our best to add as many institutes as possible in our database, however we do realize we might have missed some of them. Click here to send us a request to add your institute in our listing

  • What do I do if my account verification (ID Card) was rejected?

    Your card was probably rejected because the picture might not have been clear, or we found a discrepancy which didn’t comply with our SOPs. If you think your card has been wrongly rejected, please send us an email with your Student ID Card, Full name, Age, Roll number, email id and cell number at signupsupport@uninama.com

  • I have a brand and I want to work with Uninama, what’s the process?

    If you’re a brand that wants to work with Uninama, drop us an email at partnerships@uninama.com